Greenfest promotion and concert of a “Hurts”-duo, attracting new fans to the Facebook page

Three simple like\share\comment activations with user generated content:

Choose a gift

Mechanics: Like the post if you’d like to get watches, share - for earphones.

The winner with the biggest amount of interactions (likes or shares) is selected randomly.

Results: 642 for the contest (214 fans per day).

Where is my ticket?

Mechanics: To get the price you need to share any photo from the photo album.

The winner is selected randomly.

Results: 1 125 for the contest (113 fans per day).

I want tickets for the concert!

Mechanics: Post a photo with explanation “why should you get tickets for the concert”.

The photo with the biggest amount of likes gets the prize.

Results: 600 fans for the contest(60 fans per day).