Ideally: quick notes, related files, idea keeper

Ideally is a menu bar note taking   file storing app with backup, zip,mailing, TXT export options, and more..

You've come across this app if you:
  • are a fan of minimalism;
  • are looking for a flexible, simple and quick way to take notes on the Mac and get things done;
  • you want to store not only notes, but important Files along with it;
  • you like to drag drop files;
  • you like to drag drop files and links directly from Safari even MORE;
  • you'd like your note taking app to have some way backup and restore your notes to and from a safe place (Dropbox optional);
  • if you like menu bar apps, but wish they could detach off it when you want to;
  • if you are running MacOS X starting with 10.7+ Lion or higher;
  • if the new flat design is not a "must" for you and you still like a bit of realism added to the apps you use.